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9:45am 07-12-2021
Linda Streeter
Good Morning,
I just purchased a 2004 V6 Mustang Convertible. Her name of course is Mustang Sally. We had grandkids over and a scooter was put in the wrong spot and the window was busted out. Can you help. We are retired and on a fixed budget.
Take care,
Linda Streeter Ripon, Ca.
7:36pm 05-25-2021
Darrell Henkel
Would like a reg. Form for you car show coming up matin October thanks
8:35pm 01-09-2021
Victor A. Kottinger
Wish to join your club. I live in Manteca, California . I have a 1965 Mustang, hardtop, straight six . My phone number is (209) 679-1089 .
6:57pm 08-18-2020
Missing all my friends in California, sending best wishes from Germany and stay healty. Hope to see you as soon as possible!
9:10am 02-13-2020
Tim Haapala
'92 5.0 103k Love it, with Pony valve stem caps of course....New here
10:14am 01-18-2019
Robert Lo
I attending one of your meeting in the past when you had a special guest speaker regarding the California special. I have two Mustangs. First one is my first car which is a 67 Mustang coupe V8 which has been in storage for over 10 years along with my 68 California special. I plan to get them both up and running again and would like to join your club. I plan on attending the next meeting Jan. 22. Hope to get me motivated on getting them up and running on the road again.
10:44am 11-10-2018
John Pagliero
I have a 1964.5 Mustang fastback two plus two which I am rebuilding. Would like any information and or advice that I could get.
Thank you,
John Pagliero
Napa, Ca
10:34am 04-25-2017
Sending in my application to rejoin.
2:59pm 11-10-2016
Hello there everyone! I moved to Green Valley/Fairfield 10 days ago! I come; this time; from ABQ where I was part of the Duke City Mustang club. I have a 5 week old 2017 Mustang GT. I found you all online, and may swing by a meet one day. Next week, the 18th, I go to NY for the holiday for a likely be after that trip!
6:11pm 09-29-2016
Jason A. Quintero
I bought a mustang yesterday so I could join your club. I'll see you in October.
10:33am 07-11-2016
Susan McDermott
Hi everyone. I am inviting you to our Cats Cars and Canines Car Show on July 23. It will be at the Napa Valley College in Napa. Whisker, Tails, and Ferals is a non profit that rescues cat and dogs from the local shelters and finds them forever homes. We will have music, New Orleans cuisine, and lots of cool cars. Please come support us!!! I do not own a Mustang, however I have owned 3 in my life. Come see my ride a 1950 GMC pickup.
10:07am 05-21-2016
I wish I could have gone to your event today..
10:01pm 05-14-2016
curt stewart
hey robin this is curt with BIGG REDD
10:35am 01-01-2016
9:53am 10-13-2015
Madeline Streeter
Like your website. I am a member of the Bay Area Mustang Association (BAMA). I am leading a tour to Apple Hill area this Sunday. However, should it rain wondering if we could join Bob Loya's tour on Novembe 14th. Would you please send me details on tour. Also interested in your 2016 car show.

I met one of your members at Blackhawk Museum Father's Day car show. Don't remember his name but remember was a real nice Mustang.

Looking forward to hearing back.
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